Sandtrooper Hike

​in 2014 i wanted to do something challenging to rasie money for the childriend's hospital of los angeles.

so i asked myself what if i hiked up and around griffith park in full armor to raise money.

sounds a little crazy right? because it is... lol

i reached out to my route 66 sandtrooper detachment brothers and they joined me on this epic mission. 

the 83 degree heat didnt slow us down! we did it! 

and now i do this every year. 

2014 - $985.00 Raised - Childrens Hospital 
2015 - $1345.00 Raised - Childrens Hospital
2016 - $1813.00 Rasied - Childrens Hospital 
2017 - $4261.00 RAISED - ST. JUDES

2018 - $2564.96 RAISED - ST. JUDES

As always you are welcome to walk with during our mission.  

Thank you and MTFBWU.